We welcome applications to join Chambers whether as a pupil, a tenant or as a member of staff. From this page you can access information about our different application processes.

Chambers is fully committed to the principles of equality of opportunity irrespective of colour, race, disability, age, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion, sex, marital status or sexual orientation. A fuller version of our equal opportunities policy and diversity data can be downloaded from this page.

Blackstone Chambers’ reputation is founded upon the quality of our specialist advocacy and advice, and we place great emphasis on junior tenants acquiring as much advocacy experience as possible in their initial years of practice. We reinforce this with a heavy investment in advocacy training in-house during pupillage and provide for a planned structure for the career development of each new tenant.

Applying for pupillage

Our principal applications process – for pupillage – is split into two parts: applications for mini pupillage and for pupillage. Details of the procedures for both are set out in this section of the site.

Applying to join Chambers as an established practitioner

We consider applications to join Chambers from existing practitioners very seriously. Get more information.

Applying to join Chambers' administration

Details of any current job vacancies.

Applying to join Chambers' academic research panel

Blackstone Chambers has an academic research panel whose members support the work of Chambers. For further information click on the link in the right hand column.